A Baby Story That Will Make You Cry… (with joy)

Weddings aren’t all we do at Epic Motion. 

At our core, we are filmmakers who aim to craft amazing real-life stories. These stories don’t begin and end at weddings. We’ve filmed stories of couples who have been together for decades and have created an incredible legacy for their children and grandchildren. We’ve done memorial videos to honor cherished family members who have passed away, helped people celebrate landmark birthdays, and in the case of baby Antonina, we’ve been there since day 1. Literally.

We’ve had the pleasure of documenting some of the most important moments in the lives of baby Antonina’s parents, Sabrina and Joe, for several years now. We were there for the surprise proposal, the engagement party, the wedding, when Joe’s sister got married, and now their first child.

Combining their footage with ours we put together a film that moves us to joyful tears, and we aren’t even the parents!

We have a few different options for new parents or parents-to-be considering a baby story of their own. For pricing and availability, reach out to us for a quote.


John Azoni

John is Epic Motion's producer and manages most of the work that goes into making clients obsessed with their videos. He attempts to serve Christ with his life, and is a husband to a gorgeous gal, dad to a baby girl, foster dad to a stream of really precious kids, and pack leader to a crazy black lab.

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