Abe + Renaye’s Chicago Same Day Edit

Getting the opportunity to travel for a wedding is always fun. It provides us with a new backdrop, and new opportunities to be creative. This was part of the reason I was excited to head to Chicago for Abe + Renaye’s wedding. Talking to these guys prior to their big day, I could tell that they were extremely laid back, and SUPER appreciate for what we do. When the SDE showed, the reaction was more then I could have hoped for. The entire bridal party had gathered around to watch, and even though Renaye said Abe was the cryer in the relationship (it’s true…look at the video), Renaye shed some tears during the premiere as well.

We had the chance to work with some great vendors, including super-cool photographer Nate Mathai, and DJ Aladdin, and The Seville, where the reception was held.

Congrats you two, and enjoy their same day edit!