Add This Place to Your Vacation Bucket List…

If you haven’t considered St. Barth in your vacation bucket list, you should think again. Unless of course luxury beachside caribbean vacations just aren’t your thing.

Hotel Christopher, located in St. Barth is not your typical caribbean vacation spot teeming with college spring break crowds. This is a high class establishment overlooking a private bay with top notch amenities. Think martinis in place of Miller Lights. Here you will bask not only in the sunlight and salt water, but in the quietness and tranquility of privacy as you enjoy fine cuisine, relax at the prestigious Sisley Spa, or simply get lost in a book by the infinity pool as the sun sets over the bay.

We had the pleasure of creating this promo film for Hotel Christopher and we are really excited with how it came out. Take a look, and then get out your vacation bucket list and add Hotel Christopher at the top. 🙂


John Azoni

John is Epic Motion's producer and manages most of the work that goes into making clients obsessed with their videos. He attempts to serve Christ with his life, and is a husband to a gorgeous gal, dad to a baby girl, foster dad to a stream of really precious kids, and pack leader to a crazy black lab.

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