Calling All Interns

Calling All Interns

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One of our core values is education.  We love learning and we love teaching.  We’ve strived to create an internship program where students get to have real world experiences within a photo + video studio. It’s been a privilege to serve the interns that have come through our doors over the years and it’s time once again to bring in s’more.

This summer we are looking for 4 interns to work at Epic Motion and our commercial brand  Tell (if you have no idea what Tell is, it’s Epic Motion’s sister company that focuses on commercial projects:  Here’s a brief description on each of the internships we’re offering this summer:

Filmmaking Internship
The Intern will get experience shooting events as well as internal videos and (not sure what we call produced business/non-profit stuff that isn’t events) using DSLR cameras and other professional equipment. Other elements that will be taught include both pre and post production. S/he will work closely with Tell’s lead filmmakers and production staff. The intern will have daily exercises in filmmaking as well as a final project that will be a collaborative piece with the other interns

Editing Internship
The Intern will get experience working in Final Cut Pro, the Adobe Suite, and other related applications. Post production experience will include prepping footage for edit, rough cutting, and creative editing. Intern will work with Creative Director, Project Managers, and Media Coordinator.

Marketing Internship
The Intern will get experience working with current marketing plans as well as have opportunities to create and present his/her own. Areas of focus will include developing new campaigns, social media management, and graphic design. Intern will work with the Director of Marketing.

Business Management Internship
The Intern will get to experience running a business, creating strategies and plans, accounting and finances, customer relations, project management, and more. S/he will learn what it takes to operate a company and be encouraged in their own entrepreneurial endeavors. S/he will work directly with the Operations Officer and Executive Office.

Here are some of the qualifications:
– fun personality
– self motivated
– team player
– good communication skills
– administrative skills
– reliable transportation
– punctual
– excellent personal hygiene
– willingness to learn
– previous industry/job knowledge is NOT required or necessary, but rad people skills are a must

The specifics:
College credit if your college/university allows for it. We will work closely with the intern and the intern’s department to make sure we are providing necessary feedback, forms, etc. in order to be approved for college credit
10 weeks (and can be customizable based on college requirements)
Amazing experience included.

Please send us a copy of your resume and portfolio to: along with any good reasons why you’d like to intern here and why you think you’d be a great fit. Please specify which internship you are most interested in, too.

DEADLINE: We plan on having all interviews complete by April 22, 2013. Please be in touch SOON!



Founder of Epic Motion, Ryan Koral has always had a passion for people and their stories. Having been married for over 13 years, he has experienced the challenges and the rewards of marriage. He believes in the mission behind each of the wedding films that Epic Motion crafts: to create something that inspires couples toward love and each other.

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