Epic Motion's Greatest Hits of 2011

Epic Motion's Greatest Hits of 2011

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Inspired by my good friend and filmmaker Matt Davis, here is our look back at 2011.

2011 was a year filled with achievements, life lessons, and love. I’m so thankful. Grateful for this company, grateful for those with whom I work, and grateful for the family and friends in my life. My life is FULL.

This is not meant to be a bragging list… please know that my intent in sharing our successes as a business and as individuals is to encourage and to help others move forward.

Badges Received

Named Top 25 Studios in the World by EventDV // This was so super exciting to me. I remember four years ago writing this on a list of future goals and thinking it was unattainable. This was a good life lesson for me: Setting goals that are bigger than myself and seemingly to hard to achieve make it that much sweeter when achieved. If my goals aren’t huge, what the heck is the point of all of this anyway? I don’t want to pursue mediocrity. No thanks. Not for me.

Re-elected as MIVA (Michigan Independent Video Assocation) President. Along with our involvement with MIVA came some awards including Best Wedding Trailer (voted by other studios).

Featured in Style Me Pretty for some of our gorgeous weddings including Colleen and Christopher, Jamie and Mike, and Kendall and John. And one of our favorite couples, Holly and Peter, are going to be featured in The Knot magazine!

Editor’s Choice Award received from Brides.com

Growing Pains

Filmed 42 weddings in 2011… more than we have ever filmed before in a single year! Our team continues to push forward as we constantly set the bar higher and higher. It is exciting to be a part of such growth.

Hired Director of Operations Matt Demorest who has been amazing in helping streamline our processes and procedures as well as help develop our new corporate brand Tell (www.gotoTell.com).

Hired business consultant Jaimy Weiler from One Heart Waking who has brought clarity, vision, and business strategery to our team and has really saved us from things unthinkable as her skills are unmatched. Our entire team recommends her highly.

Hired more incredible interns… Amanda, Marie, Colin, Jason, Darryl, and Jill. THANK YOU, guys for partnering with us! Three of those internships have turned into contracted positions and we couldn’t be happier with the work these amazing youngsters are producing.

Paying it Forward

One of our core values is based around paying it forward…

Launch of Made By Epic Motion // The site houses free education for photographers and filmmakers along with some fun tshirts that we are selling (for geeks only) as well as some tools and tutorials that we are offering for sale.

Adopted the Boys and Girls Club of South Oakland County as our Intern project for the summer and created a film featuring an amazing young lady named Hope and her family.

Blogging for InFocus // Have continued blogging for one of the major leaders in the event industry to help encourage and educate filmmakers.

Donated a wedding film to the Wish Upon a Wedding Auction // Our contribution to Wish Upon a Wedding raised more money than any other item! Great national organization and pretty flattering experience for us!

Enchanted Makeovers // Our team filmed 2 tireless days for this organization to help them create a sizzle reel for something exciting they are working toward…


Spent a week in Cancun filming for
Inspire Smart Success including their magazine launch.

Spent a week in Spain filming a 3 day Indian wedding for an incredible family.

Spent a week at Central Michigan University filming their student Leadership Safari. Okay – so maybe we didn’t need a passport for this one, but with a name like Leadership Safari – we thought it was fitting…

The fun doesn’t stop!

Filmed the David Crowder Band (my favorite band!!) on a project we did for Echo Ministries. This was SUPER cool for me…

Produced over 20 videos for the 2 Word Story campaign.

Hired DJ at One Brand Studio and went through the branding process for Tell – our new brand built specifically for businesses and non-profits.

and More…

We have some other big things planned for 2012 that we can’t really say much about other than they will be music to your ears…

Thanks for celebrating with us in a year that was blessed by God and was enjoyed by many. We continue to be grateful for it all. And we look forward to an even bigger year this 2012. Thank you to my amazing team: Kari, Eric, Matt, John, Stew, Jason, Anthony, Miller Time, Hersey, Marie, Clay, Sean, Nick, Jill and anyone else who has joined with us on one project or many… this place would not be what it is without you.

If interested in learning more about our new brand, sign up to receive the Tell newsletter and check out the brand new site: www.gotoTell.com



Founder of Epic Motion, Ryan Koral has always had a passion for people and their stories. Having been married for over 13 years, he has experienced the challenges and the rewards of marriage. He believes in the mission behind each of the wedding films that Epic Motion crafts: to create something that inspires couples toward love and each other.

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