Hena + Vishal // Same Day Edit

It was a crazy and joy-filled day yesterday with Hena + Vishal. A LOT of planning and preparation went into capturing this  day successfully from a video perspective, and it really paid off. Our team was super pumped about all the great footage we were able to get and we are really looking forward to jumping into editing this one.

I know we probably say this in every blog post, but it truthfully was a joy to be a part of this day, and to get to know both families. Even though we were one of many vendors who played a role in this event, we were really made to feel like part of the family and that just speaks volumes about how Hena and Vishal, as well as both sides of their families are as people. And they have great taste in food because WOW.. everything we ate throughout the 3 days of celebration was amazing.

Enjoy this Same Day Edit, cut together by our editor, Grayson, who had this entire lunch room area at The Henry Ford to himself which came in pretty handy.



John Azoni

John is Epic Motion's producer and manages most of the work that goes into making clients obsessed with their videos. He attempts to serve Christ with his life, and is a husband to a gorgeous gal, dad to a baby girl, foster dad to a stream of really precious kids, and pack leader to a crazy black lab.

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