"Take Me Home Tonight" // Katie and Andy’s Same Day Edit

OMG. Seriously?

The first time I met Katie and Andy was at a bar with some friends… she told me that one day Andy would propose to her and they would get married. Well – I’m happy to say that it finally happened and that we got to play a pretty awesome role in the event.

One of the two things Katie wanted for her wedding was a same day edit. I think the other was Andy.

Another one of the highlights from this wedding was working (for the first time evah) with Ksenija. It’s about time! Ksen – you and your team are the real deal. It was a pleasure shooting alongside you!

Thanks to everyone who helped us pull off the same day edit… including the “gorgeous” Jason Baker and our new friend George Kontos.

It’s weddings like this one that keep me coming back for more. I love my job. Thanks, Katie and Andy for being awesome. Best wishes always!!



Founder of Epic Motion, Ryan Koral has always had a passion for people and their stories. Having been married for over 13 years, he has experienced the challenges and the rewards of marriage. He believes in the mission behind each of the wedding films that Epic Motion crafts: to create something that inspires couples toward love and each other.

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