Our Most Unique Main Feature Yet

Natalie and Alex came to us having seen our work on her sister’s wedding a few years back as well as one of her best friend’s weddings. They since have become great friends. When it was time to start thinking about how we would approach their Main Feature (before the wedding even happened), we got an email from Natalie that sparked some inspiration. She told us there were some surprises planned that we needed to be aware of, and the story behind one of those surprises involved Alex’s dad.


Alex’s Dad, John, has always said that when he “makes it” you’ll know, because he’ll pull up in a Red Corvette.  His father is a veteran and survivor of World War II (he was born and, with his parents, immediately captured by the Soviet’s- eventually becoming ‘freed’ and living under Nazi rule in Paris until 1945 at the age of 5) and immigrated to the US in High School when he joined the Army and became a sharp shooter.  They came looking for the American dream.  When Alex graduated from Law School with honors and got a great job with a top law firm, he was beaming from ear to ear.  Alex’s younger brother graduates from Medical school next week and will be an Emergency Medicine resident at St. John’s..John has helped his boys become wonderful men and Alex wants to do something to acknowledge and thank him.

Alex has always said that he when he “makes it”, he will buy his dad a Red Corvette.  While Alex is doing well, he can’t quite buy his Dad a Corvette-so instead, he rented one for the weekend (with the help of my Dad, Gary) and is having it delivered to the house on the morning of our wedding.  No one will know, except his sister who, we hope, will video tape it so we can see.


Our wheels got to turning… we had been wanting to pursue this idea of doing an extra custom Main Feature where we would really dive a lot deeper and put more production hours into it than we are able to on a typical wedding. With this great story of the respect Alex has for his dad and all that he’s achieved in life despite hardships, we went even deeper to find that Natalie also has a really close relationship with her parents. So we approached them about letting us pursue this idea with them.. having us capture content outside of the typical hours of coverage in their package, so that we could really weave the parents into the story, as well as some other key elements about them that we wanted to do justice to. They gladly accepted.


We went to Natalie’s parents’ house about a week before the wedding and sat down with Natalie, Alex and both sets of parents and were able to get so much great content. We knew that Gary, Natalie’s dad, had a surprise up his sleeve, and we were able to get him talking about it. Natalie’s family was very close to their “Uncle Jeff”, who was great friends with Kenny Loggins. Jeff had coordinated Kenny to play at Natalie’s sister’s wedding a few years ago. It was awesome. Jeff had since battled a terminal illness, and knew that he wanted to do something special for Natalie since he wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding. Gary got to tell us all about the surprise Uncle Jeff had up his sleeve in hooking up Tee Turner from The Miracles (think Smoky Robinson and The Miracles) to perform at the reception along with Motown backup singers. Natalie loves Motown. It ended up being an amazing, jam packed party.


But there was much more to their story. Natalie is an amazing vocalist and musician, and that part of their story was a big important piece because it’s so much of who Natalie is. Alex is a lawyer, and his pursuit of his law career and the story of his journey with Natalie is a big part of who he is. We definitely had our work cut out for us.


With the extra wiggle room we had in the production we were able to put all the pieces together and made sure that we could be the ones to film the Corvette surprise. We coordinated with the company who delivered the car so everything was timed perfectly, and we ended up being the ones to reveal the car to Alex’s dad while filming as Natalie and Alex were separately preparing for their big day in their hotel rooms. We did a site visit at Big Rock Chophouse before the wedding to meet with Gail and Rice to go over the plan for the Tee Turner performance.. and managed everything on our end in between. Additionally we anticipated shots and content we could get that would speak to Natalie’s musicianship, Alex’s playful and determined spirit, and obviously their love for each other.


After the event, we sat down as a team and decided how to piece so much story content together. epic motion team meeting

We decided we wanted extra footage to help tell their story outside of the footage we were there to capture, so we got Natalie and Alex to send us stuff they shot and it just ended up being such a nice touch, giving the video a time-warping-dream-like feel at times.


With all the creative decisions there were to be made, it was really freeing to be able to take a wedding and just tell the story the way it needs to be told, and not be limited by whatever happens on the actual wedding day. We were able to control so much more of the story that way and really take our work to the next level.


We hope you are as inspired by Natalie and Alex, and their film as we are.
If you would like to chat with us about a really custom piece for you, get in touch with us. We love to think outside of our stock offerings for couples, and do work that is extra tailor-made to each couple. We can get you a custom quote based on what we mutually determine is the best way to approach your wedding story.


John Azoni

John is Epic Motion's producer and manages most of the work that goes into making clients obsessed with their videos. He attempts to serve Christ with his life, and is a husband to a gorgeous gal, dad to a baby girl, foster dad to a stream of really precious kids, and pack leader to a crazy black lab.

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  1. Natalie & Alex Leonowicz

    John! This is the most wonderful gift! Your creative thinking, attention to detail, and creative thinking truly made this so much more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you (and the entire EM team) for telling our story so beautifully. We are forever grateful.

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