Post Wedding Worksheet

In the next couple of weeks, we will be sorting through your footage as we begin our edits which means we’ll need you to complete our Post-Wedding Worksheet below at your earliest convenience. This allows us to get your input from the day and presents an opportunity for you to communicate anything you might specifically want included/not included in your film.We certainly don’t expect you to step off the plane and send off the completed worksheet, but just know that we won’t be able to move forward with editing your wedding until we receive your response, which may affect our promised turnaround time.

Simply hit “reply” to the email you got to the link to this page from, copy/paste the questions into the body of your email, and type your responses beneath each question, or go ahead and follow the same procedure in a Word document and send that back – whichever is easier.

Post Wedding Worksheet:

The following questions refer ONLY to your main creative film(s), which would be; Main Feature, Vignette, or Highlights Reel. They are not referring to your other deliverables like the Ceremony Edit, or Behind the Scenes.

1. What should we call you in your film(s)’s title?  (ex. Katie + Billy or Katherine + William… we always do bride’s name first)

2. Our editors are really great at what they do, and the less confined they are the better, but was there anything that happened during your wedding that you want us to really try to include in your film(s)? Any specific people that you really want to make an appearance? Anything you would like us to NOT include? Note: extensive revisions are costly to you once we deliver the preview of your film(s). If you feel like you are likely to really pick apart the final product, don’t rush through answering this question. We will make ourselves available to hop on the phone to chat before we begin editing as well, so that option is available to you. Otherwise we will use our best judgement based on your feedback here.

3. There is still time to purchase additional videos should you find yourselves wanting more content in your package. Would you like to discuss additional add-ons and pricing?

4. Please provide your most current mailing address. 

5. Will you do us a huge favor? If you’ve had a great experience with us so far, would you mind writing us a review on Google



A reminder about our payment and delivery timeline: The turnaround time for delivering your wedding film is 6 months from your wedding date (provided you get us feedback within 2 weeks once we send you the preview of your video). Before we can deliver your final film, the remaining balance for your account will need to be paid. We will send you a couple of reminders as your film is nearing completion.