Sneak Peek – An Emotional Grand Rapids Lakeside Wedding


When we learned that Missi + Brian were writing their own vows, the storytellers in us rejoiced. We are always surprised at how many amazing couples don’t write their own vows. If you are reading this and you are planning on not writing your own vows, we strongly suggest you reconsider.

Amidst all the talk of how gorgeous the event design was (shout out to A Day in May), we heard countless people remarking about how special the vows were. That moment was almost as impactful for the wedding guests as it was for Missi and Brian. It was such a special moment for others, especially other married couples, to be inspired and reenergized with love toward their spouses because of the touching words Missi + Brian shared with each other.

The event design was just breathtaking, and I don’t use that word lightly. Our team walked in, and we all said to each other some version of “ummm… WOW.”   Lish, Tana, and the rest of the A Day in May team did an incredible job transforming the property into such an intimate celebration.

Shout out to the best vendor meal we’ve ever eaten. But I digress…
Not only was the vendor meal the best I’ve ever experienced, but the band was ah-mazing. If you’re reading this and are looking for a band, check out Northstar.
Great times with Liz Banfield who did the photography.
Flowers were gorgeous, headed up by Dawn Owen Designs. And ending the night with a bang was Great Lakes Fireworks.

If you take away one thing from watching this trailer, we hope it would be consideration of the fact that personal vows make a huge difference. Not just for the video, not just for the guests, but for your legacy as a couple. When you choose the words you want to say to each other up there, those words hold so much more value and meaning than words that come from a book. If you are unable to write your own vows, perhaps because of church guidelines, a great alternative is to write cards to each other. Just take a moment at some point during the day to express heartfelt affection to your spouse. It will go a long way.


John Azoni

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