The Vacuum Story – A Lesson in Gift Giving

I love these two. From the moment I first sat down with them when they were considering hiring us to film their wedding, I have just really enjoyed their spirit and humor. They told me this story of how Scott stumbled into proposing to Katie after his Christmas present “didn’t go over so well”. I found it to be hilarious, and it brought back memories of the year my dad bought my mom a Leatherman utility tool for Christmas. Bless his heart. Men… we try don’t we?

We love stories like this, even self-deprecating ones. These our some of our favorite weddings – when there’s a story beyond just “the wedding day” that really speaks to who the couple is aside from two people who are getting married.

Thanks to Katie and Scott for letting us share in your humor.

And Scott did one thing totally right. The lesson here is, if you’re going to get your significant other a vacuum, at least make sure it’s a Dyson. They NEVER LOSE SUCTION… COME ON!!!



John Azoni

John is Epic Motion's producer and manages most of the work that goes into making clients obsessed with their videos. He attempts to serve Christ with his life, and is a husband to a gorgeous gal, dad to a baby girl, foster dad to a stream of really precious kids, and pack leader to a crazy black lab.

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